Photobanks and photo stocks – is it?

In the age of information technology you will not surprise anyone with a fancy camera, an expensive phone with macro and micro-shooting functions. The volume of gadgets in the modern market is constantly increasing, therefore, their cost becomes more accessible to the layman. Most people capture important events in the frame, interesting places without realizing that you can make money with it. To do this, it is not necessary to take profile courses and attend filmmakers. It is enough to have high-quality photographic equipment and the desire to earn.

What are photobanks and photo stocks. Differences between them

Photostock is an online platform with a large number of photographs, illustrations, vector drawings, videos, 3D-compositions, which are sold for a small fee for personal use. The same image can be bought unlimited number of times. For this, the author will constantly receive a percentage of sales.

The photo bank is an online database where the authors present their works, and the buyers acquire the options they like under certain conditions depending on the type of license.

From a technical point of view, virtually no difference from each other. The principle of operation is the same:

Registration Registration

In essence, it is the conclusion of an electronic contract between the user and the resource.


Not applicable to all sites. Work undergo mandatory moderation. The main evaluation criteria – focus, exposure, coverage of the declared work.

Filling the tax form Form W-8BEN

An important component of foreign stocks . You must confirm your citizenship for exemption from 30% tax, which is removed from US citizens.

Loading material

It is important to select high-quality work on popular topics. Observe specific loading requirements. Images should be of a specific format, clear, without glare and blur. It is necessary not only to name the photo, but also to give its description, select keywords. These conditions increase the likelihood of finding the right type of material in a search engine.

Income generation and tracking statistics

The presence of permanent income in monetary terms depends on the skills of the contractor, regular updating of the portfolio, the number of partnerships with stocks.

The difference between the two concepts is reduced only to the amount of rights to use photos and their value. Photobanks are serious offices with more professional specialists. Competition is much higher than on photostocks due to the high level of payment for orders.

In fact, both of them represent an Internet platform with thousands of photographs, illustrations, musical compositions, and flash-commercials put up for sale. From the authors of sales receive a percentage.

Tips for beginners

Many novice users are taking into development at once with several resources in the hope of getting a high income. This is a profound error. There is a high risk of spraying your strength in vain, losing motivation. To prevent this from happening, you need to follow a number of rules: You

should start working with 1-3 photoflows.
Handle the material with specialized programs.
Follow the principle: the simpler the better. Do not create complex compositions. Buyers interested in the material for further editing
Placing works in rating themes: medicine, healthy lifestyle, holidays, family, career, travel
Minds website designer, a journalist, was looking for a unique photo for an article and not as a photographer
Examine the top internet database.

It is important to understand that photobanks are a passive type of income that requires maximum commitment in the initial stages. It is foolish to believe that money will flow like a river if you enter the platform once a month. Such work requires regularity.

Advantages of earning on the microstock and photobanks

In such earnings as there are plenty of advantages:

No need to look for potential clients
Active sales across the globe
Convenient schedule, there is no binding to the site
Minimal investments for the promotion
Possibility of permanent income with little effort.

Earnings on photobanks and photostocks can serve as an excellent part-time job not only for professional photographers. For those who like to create unique masterpieces in the music, graphic, cinematographic sphere, there are excellent opportunities to share their work, while receiving a steady income.